Environmental Accounting Services Proudly Announces Membership with the Sustainable Business Network

At Environmental Accounting Services (EAS), our mission has always been clear: to support organisations in their journey towards a decarbonised future. Today, we are thrilled to share a significant milestone in our commitment to climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship. EAS has joined the Sustainable Business Network, a move that marks a new chapter in our efforts to promote sustainable business practices across the globe.

Our work at EAS revolves around the core principles of passion, knowledge, and responsibility. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting diverse clients—including governments, corporations, industry bodies, businesses, communities, and educational institutions—to understand and mitigate their environmental impact. By becoming a member of the Sustainable Business Network, we are expanding our reach and enhancing our capabilities to drive meaningful change.

The Sustainable Business Network is at the forefront of transforming knowledge into action, focusing on critical sustainability challenges such as climate action, waste reduction, and nature regeneration. Our membership with this esteemed network aligns perfectly with our expertise and strategic approach to a lower-emissions future. It provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals, sharing resources, knowledge, and best practices.

“This new partnership signals our continual commitment to making meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. We look forward to bringing our international experience in climate change mitigation to the network.” said EAS Director, Dr Carly Green. "Joining the Sustainable Business Network allows us to leverage a wealth of resources and expertise, further enabling us to support our clients in achieving their goals."

As part of this community, we look forward to participating in various initiatives and projects to make a difference. Our membership in the Sustainable Business Network underscores our dedication to meeting the needs of organisations and contributing to a broader movement towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings and are eager to contribute to the Sustainable Business Network’s mission.

For more information about our services and how we can help your organisation transition to a decarbonised future, please contact us at https://enviroaccounts.com/contact-us/.

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