Our clients

Our clients want to make a real impact in the world to meet their government, international and ethical standards with the highest level of integrity. We ensure they are able to achieve this in one location, without the need to shop around for different parts of their climate mitigation strategy.

Who we work with

From large policy-setting intergovernmental organisations to the small business down the road. We serve those who seek our knowledge and expertise, desire meaningful change and want to meet highest ethical standards. 


We work with governments, both local and international, as well as intergovernmental and UN agencies to develop climate mitigation policy and help implement strategies to assist developing countries to ensure funding is used effectively. 

We also work with local government to develop climate response strategies, greenhouse gas reporting structures and deliver education programs for staff and residents to mitigate and reduce the effects of climate change and build capacity for future development.


We are the go-to expert technical team for auditing, policy and climate change mitigation as well capacity building and education for corporate teams and their clients. For organisations that have made climate positive commitments, we help them to understand what they need to do in order to meet those commitments build the roadmap to get them there.

Educational institutions

As a team with three PHD’s and multiple masters degrees, we are regularly contracted to develop educational programs for universities and schools. We hold various fellowships and are invited as guest lecturers on climate change, engineering and other related subject matter.


We help community organisations and local government plan, measure, report and act on their commitment to reduce their environmental impact. By offering education and training, developing measurement tools and resources, and providing guidance on messaging and communications, we ensure they are set for future success in a way that meets both their budgets and stakeholder expectations. 

Industry bodies

We ensure industry bodies have the information, skills and capacity to meet their members’ expectations and equip them to drive change at a local, national and international level through measurement and reporting tools, policy development and capacity building through education.


Businesses of all sizes benefit from taking climate action. Whether a business is in a regulatory market, or is striving to meet market expectations, the only question is  no longer whether to take climate action, it’s what they need to do now. We give businesses the tools to ensure they are able to reduce their impact and meet their obligations. 

We also advise sustainability organisations on regulatory and ethical standards and other matters to ensure they are able to deliver quality certifications to their clients.