EAS’ work with the Global Forest Observations Initiative

EAS employees have been working with GFOI since 2014, through support provided by the Australian Government and more recently from the US Silvacarbon Program and directly from the GFOI office (the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization).

EAS’ Work on National Forest Monitoring Systems

Supporting developing nations to gain access to results-based payments As the world continues to grapple with climate change, actions that reduce emissions are vital to achieving emission reduction targets. Through collaboration between governments, organizations, and consulting firms like EAS, the development of clear and effective national monitoring systems and measurement, reporting and verification processes will […]

Why we need to get on board with international standards in New Zealand

We all know that the call for action on climate change is getting louder and the need for change more serious. It is something we know we can no longer ignore – both from a responsible citizen perspective and as a matter of survival as a business (and as a species, but more on that […]