The importance of biodiversity in the fight against climate change

Biodiversity provides life-supporting systems that enable all organisms, including humans, to survive. These services are critical for human well-being, and they are threatened by the loss of biodiversity. Climate change is one of the major drivers of biodiversity loss, as it alters the habitats and ecosystems in which species live. It is well known and […]

Why we need to get on board with international standards in New Zealand

We all know that the call for action on climate change is getting louder and the need for change more serious. It is something we know we can no longer ignore – both from a responsible citizen perspective and as a matter of survival as a business (and as a species, but more on that […]

How New Zealand ski fields are doing their bit to tackle climate change

Ski Areas Association of New Zealand (SAANZ) comprises most of New Zealand’s commercial and club ski fields. The group collaborates on industry-wide initiatives, advocacy and lobbying on behalf of all members. The Challenge As an industry whose future viability is threatened by climate change, SAANZ put together a sustainability group to investigate what action they […]